Let me start with the sounds of bicycle tea It was exactly a sunny day. At the end of the month of March, at 10 o'clock, my father called my brother and said, Come on, my sons. I will include you in school today.It runs through the alleys full of dirt and noises. At that time, no one in the village knew anything about culture. Slowly we left the village or the village after half an hour or more when the roads finally ended in dirt and When I reached the baked bitumen, I could feel my father's breath from behind that he was tired, but the childish logic of that time Where could he understand his father's souls? We got close to the school, it was the first time we saw the school wall We were both stressed and happy. We entered the school. It was exactly the first house. My hand was in my father's hands. We entered the school office and waited for a few moments in the hallway. My father went inside everyone's office Students, looking at us constantly, I was a double brother, or better to know, kind of. Temporarily I was guiding my brother in a class. When we entered the class, many students had sharp glances at us because we were from an alien and distant environment. This is where school started. Or we would walk most of the way with hard days and many problems. Sometimes we went home crying, sometimes hungry and tired. Sometimes we were angry with the beating of stray boys. Slowly, life and school passed with all its problems and hardships. It was the Taliban era. All students had to enter the school with a Talabani uniform. It was the first days. We would enter the school by hand or in cold or hot weather. The day Amin cried, I consoled him for the hardships and problems of my childhood. Do not cry. The day I took care of him, he comforted me. Do not cry. The quiet class of two or three or four years passed with the same problems. At that time, there was no course or school. We practiced school the night before with our mother or father, sometimes with our older brother. We had different teachers in grades 5 and 7. Some teachers also called us winter out of ridicule and arrogance. I remember exactly one girl was our physics teacher. One day, in the third grade, she called me in the classroom. You are wintering. I was silent, I did not know what to say, I did not say anything, I buried the teacher's words in my chest, only Amin was aware of my classmates ... When we were leaving school, the stray children would take us in their way To take. Food . Booklet pen. If we objected, they would beat us a lot. One day, Amin wanted to run away from them. Suddenly, with an ugly iron scratch, he went to Amin Ahan's back. He hit my brother on the head and his head was bleeding. I was walking away while I was next to Amin and he was crying, I was comforting him, I was saying in my heart, is this day coming? We are going to get away from these hard black days. My mother Amin ate from me for 7 minutes. Days passed, we became 7th grade, I felt that bright days were on the way, a little change came in everything, from every point of view, I liked the color black. Amin wore mostly red and white. We took a box with us and we took turns together. We, who were duplicitous, were often mistaken by the teachers. We failed in the sixth grade and I broke up with my brother. It was the hardest day for me. I broke up with my brother crying ... Calling me this time should not be a failure, and it was tearing me to pieces. In spite of my unhappiness, it spread all around me. As the days passed, I forgot about this incident. I became a 7th grade physician. Begoo, at the same time, my mind went to the last two years, the day that the same teacher called me Junde Ghashlaghi. I said to myself, oh my God, you made life the cycle of Asia, one day in the wings of that other day. I calmed down in 8th and 9th grade. After failing in 6th grade, I decided not to neglect anything. I always liked to legislate after the teacher. After that, I did not like to take part. I was preparing for a lesson at home before the teacher. I had a special interest in the subjects of alchemy biology. One day I was in the vestibule. Someone came to me and said that someone was beating your brother. I was in a hurry. I went and separated him. I kicked the boy twice and separated my brother from him. In the days of July, with all his hardships, my father became the administrative director of a public hospital. My mother was a teacher in a public school. My brother reached the 9th and 10th grades We were not getting ready for university. When we entered the 10th grade, I entered a high school entrance exam. Every day I had to walk half an hour in the car and an hour on foot to get to school. At that time, my older brother helped me. Preparatory classes were over. Concours escaped, I was afraid, what will happen, I prayed the morning prayer, he said, God, do not turn me empty-handed, whatever you do. My mother prayed from behind me in the morning when I got out of the house, I received the entrance exam card, the exam started slowly, my stress subsided, the exam ended happily, after two months, the results came in the morning, it was time I was in a good field and the light was far away. I could not go. My older brother said, No, it's not talking.Betty's exam, I felt tired from the problems of the previous year, turned out to be very difficult. No, I spent three days on the list, I asked everywhere, but I could not find all the students. I went to the university safely to take the exam. But I was behind the door, I felt I was behind bars, I went home in grief, I did not eat bread at night, I slept, Those whose card was lost should come to the center to take an exam. I calmed down a bit. After a few weeks, I went to the center of Kabul and received the card. It was snowing in the morning. I took the prayer test and said, God, whatever you do, do not return me empty-handed. I passed the exam, it went well, after a month, I got the results of literature. I could not go back and start this course because I had a special interest in computer science. My older brother had just gotten a computer. Later, I was away from school for a year or more, I was very upset that everyone was going to university. My mother does not advise family members. No, go and get a form. Go to a private university unit. After a few months I went and started computer science. I did not complete my acquaintance. There were many problems in this field until semester 4, after semester 6, I got special interest and went to the university hard and regularly. Later, with the help of a friend, I went to Kabul. I arrived . I approached that office and my friend came down with all due respect and cooperated with me in the accessories department. We entered the office for two years here in the graphic designer department, later I worked in the programming teaching department.
Point ..
During these years, I got acquainted with different people, especially in Kabul. I learned a lot. I realized that life teaches great lessons to human beings. It better introduces the origin of people to you. In order to maintain Islamic respect and Islamic and social principles for those around me, I refrained from writing many bitter sentences and moments of my life here. I did not want anyone to take my writing as a grudge and be upset. Forgiveness is the nature of a prophet
The second point
. Life suddenly goes from zero to one hundred, never be disappointed
Always be friends with books in life. Your books make you a wise person Know the value of your life time, never waste it in vain, time is gold, do not use it like copper
Under any circumstances, be a person of prayer at all times. What defines your personality completely is your spirituality and piety, not your material status and knowledge.
Whatever you start in life, be sure to finish it. Do not leave it halfway. This spirit will hurt you a lot.
From the ridicule and ignorance of people about your clothes. Your dreams. Your words. Never be upset and never go back. Go strong. The day will come when these same people will applaud your great achievements with a smile and a bitter look.
Habib YadGar

Writen By   Habib YadGar